The Scottish Twitter travel and tourism chat Scotlandhour was founded in early 2011 by tweeter, avid traveller and proud Glaswegian Dougie Baird.

As well as spawning multiple “hour” chats on Twitter across the world, our monthly #scotlandhour chat has also had some interesting developments of its own including:

  • Being the subject of a motion and debate by MSP’s and the Tourism Minister in the Scottish Parliament
  • Being showcased at Social Media Week Glasgow and to tourism audiences in San Francisco and Iceland
  • Teaming up with #Blogmanay to celebrate Hogmanay in Scotland
  • Joining Twitter forces with the Scottish Government to celebrate St. Andrew’s Day and Robert Burns Day

The Scotlandhour core team has also experienced some changes, with new additions Glen Moyer, and Vivian Maeda joining Dougie Baird, Aileen Lamb, Lesley Judge, Mark Calpin, Fiona Drane and Sam Weston.

How does Scotlandhour work and what is it for? It’s a Twitter travel chat, dedicated exclusively to all things Scottish, and it takes place on the last Wednesday of each month, from 9-10pm GMT/BST. Each month there is a travel theme, and we crowd-source the questions which people can offer via our Twitter feed or Facebook page.

We also invite volunteer co-hosts to help us with the chat on a monthly basis, so for example if our chat is about heritage or food and drink, we’ll look for relevant organisations or those with links to those subjects.

The 6 chat questions are published on the Scotlandhour website one week before the end of the month chat, to let people prepare their answers, images and more.

To take part, prepare your answers, join in the chat, and make sure you tag your answers with #scotlandhour.

Check out the tab of themes and guest co-hosting tips if you’re interested in helping us out.

Follow us on Twitter, check out the Scotlandhour website and join us the last Wednesday of each month at 9pm.

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